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French Chasseur class destroyer was accidentally rammed in the night of 05 June 1916 by the French destroyer Mameluk, during a submarine hunt too badly damaged, was finished off by gunfire from the destroyer Fauconneau, off Othoni Island.

Räumboot R194
The R-boat R194 is sunk after being attacked by Allied aircraft due to explosions on board at 0930 hrs, 29-02-1944 near Corfu. 7 crew lost.

The Italian steamship Sara, en route for Patras, from Italy was wrecked at Othoni Island on 02/02/1925 due to bad weather .

Detonated mine in southern Corfu Channel which caused major damage to after structure with serious flooding. Ship was disabled due to propeller and shaft damage with a significant list and stern structure partially submerged. One rating working in the Tiller Flat was killed with several others injured. Ship was abandoned and survivors rescued by BYMS and MLs working with the Flotilla. Although taken in tow the ship sank 46 minutes after the explosion, 12/01/1945

RM Francesco Stucco (ST)
The torpedo boat class Sirtori, was repeatedly attacked by several bombers Junkers Ju 87 "Stuka" the ship managed to shoot down one of the planes assailants, but was then hit in turn, being immobilized with several waterways and sank.

Medway II
Sunk by a mine on the 1st September 1951 off Corfu while under tow from shipbrokers

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